The hairdressing salon is a place where we care for your healthy and beautiful hair. It is a perfect complement of our SPA & Wellness offer.


We offer a wide range of hairdressing and professional help in selecting a proper hairstyle. Modelling, dyeing, covering grey hair, baleyage, perm, haircut, pinning up, hairstyling, revitalizing treatments- this is only a part of our rich offer.

In our salon we use the best quality cosmetics that protect hair and make it look beautiful. We do our best to meet individual needs of our customers selecting a proper hairstyle, colour and cosmetics.

Thanks to our cooperation with such brands as Kemon, L’oreal and Goldwell we guarantee that your hair will look healthy and beautiful.

SPA Reception
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short medium long
1. Men’s  haircut             up to 30 min 30PLN
2. Beard up to 10 min 15PLN
3. Cut and wash up to 30 min 45PLN 55PLN 65PLN
4. Cut ,wash and modelling up to 60 min 55PLN 65PLN 75PLN
5. Modelling, curling up to 45 min 45PLN 55PLN 65PLN
6. Evening, wedding hairstyle up to 60 min 90 - 100 PLN 80PLN 90PLN
7. Dyeing +modelling up to 120 min 120-130PLN 140PLN 150PLN
8. Highlights+ modelling up to 120 min 130PLN 140PLN 150PLN

Baleyage + modelling

up to 120 min 140PLN 150PLN 160PLN
10. Styling/perm + modelling up to 90 min 100PLN 120PLN 130PLN
11. Revitalizing(mask, ampule) + modelling up to 45 min 65PLN 75PLN 85PLN
12. Straightening up to 30 min 40PLN 55PLN 65PLN
13. Hair sauna up to 45 mim 70PLN