Cardiologic surgery

Dr Anna Gąska, an experienced cardiologist, holds the surgery. Her speciality is: heart diseases diagnostics, therapy and prevention. With the modern high quality Mortar equipment we do the following:

  • Arrhythmia diagnostics ( Holter’s method)
  • Exercise test(exercise EKG)
  • Computer controlled cardiologic training
  • Physical efficiency test (Wingate)




Cardiologic Services Price List:

  • Medical appointment + EKG /100PLN/
  • Medical appointment + Heart echo /200PLN/
  • Exercise test /100PLN/
  • Holter /100PLN/
  • Wingate test /35PLN/


You are welcome to try professionally compiled stays cardio logically oriented. We offer stays for those who want to prevent heart diseases ( coronary heart disease, infarct, neuralgia), and for those from the risk group, who care about their health and don’t want any deterioration.