Day thermal SPA

Medical Spa Unitral is the only, in that part of the coast, real Day SPA. You just enter this luxurious complex and feel that time slows down and stress and fatigue disappear.


Day SPA price list:


Outside guests:



-49PLN -3h entry to SPA (the brine pool, the world of baths and saunas, leisure zone) –each more minute-0,40PLN
-75PLN –SPA entry- no time limit (the brine pool, the world of baths and saunas, leisure zone)



To start your journey through the SPA & Wellness Complex in the climate of the Dead Sea we invite you to take a relaxing bath weightless in the brine pool. This salty water (15% salinity) makes everybody able to swim.



Right next to the pool there is a solar spot (15min- 15 PLN). The comfort of a solar bath on a heated sofa, surrounded by greenery will take you to the world of warm countries and holiday memories. The skin will get natural tan and your mood will be better thanks to endorphins- happiness hormones secreted by the body.



A visit to the world of baths and saunas is a must. They were designed in such a way that the principle of alternate cooling and warming of the body. There are: bio sauna, a brine bath, a dry sauna, an ice well, impression showers, a steam bath, Jacuzzi in a stone cave and feet bath bowls.



Our leisure zone is perfect for the blissful idleness; there are heated coaches and outdoor terraces with a Jacuzzi and to make you totally happy there is a bar serving fresh fruit juice, aromatic tea and cocktails.



Family SPA - open every day : 10:00- 13:00

1 adult + 1 child – 59PLN

2 adults + 1 child – 108PLN

2 adults + 2 children - 118PLN

1 adult + 2 children – 77PLN

/children aged from 6 to 15/



Please pay a visit to the salt cavern (45min- 25PLN, children up to 15 only cared-for by an adult every day at 9:00 or 10:00) where surrounded by natural salt blocks, blackthorn twigs dripping with brine, hearing reflecting music you will experience comfort and regeneration.



The cryogenic chamber, the only one in the vicinity, is recommended for all sorts of different ailments. Not only does the touch of cold heal, but it also makes the body recuperate, it restores strength and builds up resistance.




• Individual entry 30PLN
• A ticket (10 entries) 250PLN
• For groups( min 10 people) 20PLN per person



In our offer there is also a wide spectrum face and body treatments, and massages in 14 beautifully arranged rooms. The treatments are a kind of Beauty Rituals – they add energy, strengthen and regenerate. Best cosmetics, equipment and the holistic approach of professional staff of therapists together with the warm atmosphere, the magic of scents and the delicate light create the unique climate of this place.


There is a special consultation room where we can advise you on the best for you stay programme.



Textiles( towels, bathrobes, etc.)are intrinsic elements of our full service.
The rent price list:

  • A towel/big/ 10PLN
  • A towel/small / 5PLN
  • A bath sheet 5PLN
  • A bathrobe 15PLN 


Imagine that you are on exotic vacation in the Dead Sea climate and let a dream about a great luxurious holiday come true.