Events in the region

Throughout the year in Mielno district many artistic, cultural and sports events are organized. Most of them take place in summer during “Mieleńskie Lato Artystyczne” (Mielno Artistic Summer). The calendar of events starts in February when winter swimming enthusiasts come to Mielno for the annual International Winter Swimming Enthusiasts Rally; they are people who prefer to bathe in the sea in winter rather than in summer and Mielno is the World Capital of the Winter Swimming Enthusiasts . Besides, in winter every Sunday at noon a large group of the locals come to the beach to take a bath in the cold seawater.


One of the oldest yacht clubs in Poland- Klub Morski Tramp has its seat in Mielno. From June to September it organizes many yachting events. In the nearby Chłopy the Association „16-ty Południk”(16th meridian) organizes meeting cultivating the old fishing traditions and enjoying the wonderful sea cuisine


During the summer holidays Mieleńskie Lato Artystyczne( Mielno Artistic Summer) invites you for different thematic events: Latin Fiesta, the Highland or the Sea or the Hawaiian Weekend. Those are only a few of the proposals, which make that many music, film and cabaret stars visit the Mielno region.


On the Mielno beach you can see the unique pirate Neptunalia ( feast dedicated to Neptun). Our beaches are very popular for the flying Chinese lanterns that lighten up the sky every evening after sunset.


The most popular in Poland culinary event is undoubtedly the World Championships in Cooking just Anything. It is a perfect occasion to try the chef’s specials from the best restaurants and hotels in our region.