Hammam' zone

Feel the highest level of relaxation, take a plunge into the depth of eastern Rituals. Each sound, touch and scent matters. Thanks to the magic massage techniques, luxurious cosmetics and sensual atmosphere you will discover the world of fairytale....


SPA Rituals price list:


HAMMAM   /160zł/ up to 45 min
Traditional Turkish ceremony of care and body cleansing with a foam gained from soap and black olives; treatment performed on an exclusive heated stone table. In the end the body is covered with a nourishing balm with shea butter.
HAMMAM for two   /295zł/ up to 100 min
 While one person is having the traditional Turkish HAMMAM ceremony, the other is enjoying the warmth of Rasul bath and savouring aromatic tea served with a vegetable bouquet.

RASUL BATH with clay from the Dead Sea: /230zł/ up to 60 min
Oriental care ceremony , which is a combination of 6 types of clay containing minerals from the Dead Sea  and steam bath, where the ritual starts with warming up the whole body, then moisturizing it with warm mist and finishes with a delicate shower

RASUL BATH with clay from the Dead Sea for Two /335zł/ up to 60 min

RASUL BATH with therapeutic mud mask:
/160zł/ up to 60 min
A combination of three programmes in the Rasul bath with body care, rich in phytohormones, amino acid, phenolic compound, that has the following effects: protective, regenerating, rejuvenating, anti-cellulite, slimming down and improving the skin
RASUL BATH with therapeutic mud for Two  /250zł/ up to 60 min
/315zł/ up to 100 min
A combination of traditional Turkish ceremonial of cleansing the body on a Hammam stone table finished with skincare in Rasul bath.
/440zł/ up to 110 min
A special Turkish ceremonial of skincare for two on a stone table combined with Rasul bath and complemented with a surprise- aromatic tea served with a vegetable bouquet.


The pricelist becomes effective on 1 January 2017
The hotel reserves the right to change prices without prior notification. All the information given in the price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.