• It doesn't matter how far you live! Thanks to economical airlines journey is pleasant and most of all - shorter. We care for the highest level of our services, therefore we ensure comfortable and safe transportation between the hotel and the most important airports in Poland and Berlin. In each case, the time and price of the transfer are established individually as per the client's request.

  • The Mielno commune is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea covering 25 km of the coastline. Mielno and its neighbourhood belong to the most attractive regions on the Polish Coast, both because of its tourism and natural environment values. Besides the natural and recreational values the region is characterized by the sea climate-the air filled with iodine and salt. A lot of different water, pedestrian and bike routes cut through the region. The air filled with iodine and salt, large forest areas, attractive tourist routes and the specific microclimate are the unquestionable attributes of the Mielno commune. In summer a lot of different artistic, sport and recreation events take place here. Mielno is the capital of the commune; it is 12 km from Koszalin. The main attraction of Mielno is the clean and lifeguarded beach surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants, fish and chips shops and other fast food bars.

  • Throughout the year in Mielno district many artistic, cultural and sports events are organized. Most of them take place in summer during “Mieleńskie Lato Artystyczne” (Mielno Artistic Summer). The calendar of events starts in February when winter swimming enthusiasts come to Mielno for the annual International Winter Swimming Enthusiasts Rally; they are people who prefer to bathe in the sea in winter rather than in summer and Mielno is the World Capital of the Winter Swimming Enthusiasts . Besides, in winter every Sunday at noon a large group of the locals come to the beach to take a bath in the cold seawater.