Saunas and baths



Welcome to the magic world of thermal SPA in the climate of the Dead Sea. Enjoy baths in saunas and baths, which idea is to warm and cool your body alternately. After a hot sauna or bath take a refreshing shower or a cold bath in the icy well. Moving clockwise in an intuitive and safe way you may try all the attractions of the world of saunas and baths.
During one sanatorium stay you should repeat the cycle of warming, cooling and relaxing your body twice or three times. It is best to use sauna 2-3 times a week. Saunas and baths warm and relax your body, that’s why they are an excellent introduction to massages and cosmetic treatments.



Biosauna - Tepidarium - temp. 55 - 60°C / humidity 35 - 45%

This is an ideal place to start our adventure with “sauning”. The conditions here and the delicate fragrance favour longer stay /even up to 30min/. Steam permeated with the fragrance of aromatic oils not only inhales and cleanses the respiratory tract, but has a great influence on the look of our skin; it de -toxicities the skin, moisturizes and regenerates it. Atmospheric, amber light, warmth of the wooden benches, natural stones filling the stove – they are elements of the decoration, - all that brings us to the uninterrupted contact with nature. In the sauna we sit or lie on a towel and keep our feet on the towel, too ( so sweat doesn’t soak into the wood).


Brine bath - temp. 43-46°C / humidity 100%

This is a combination of steam bath with brine inhalation. The salty water dribbling down the blackthorn branches forms a natural graduation tower that produces brine aerosol and creates a special microclimate rich in iodine and other elements.
Next to the lamp there is a button used to dissolve the brine mist from the sea salt. The bath there builds up resistance to infections, helps healing ailments of the respiratory tract, and by stimulating blood supply to the skin- cleanses and moisturizes it.



Dry sauna - temp. 90-100°C / humidity 10 - 15%

Natural Wood and hot lumps of salt take us to the world of special sensations. Three levels of wooden benches let us grade the heat according to our likes. High temperature stimulates blood supply and the surplus of toxins is expelled with sweat. Not only does this sauna improve the look of our skin, but it also invigorates us and regenerates the whole organism.

We take a comfortable position, it is best to lie with legs slightly bent at the knees. We start with the lowest level and gradually move to the highest level. We sit on the towel and keep our feet on it, too ( so sweat doesn’t soak into the wood). If the air is too dry, you can pour the stones with water, you have to ask other people using the sauna for permission, though. When we leave the sauna we cool the heated body in the ice well. We can stay in the sauna as long as we wish, but no longer than 15min. It is recommended to take three consecutive sessions separated with the between ten and twenty minutes rest in the rest zone.



The ice well – water temp. approx. 15 °C


This is our pole of cold. It is an ideal place to cool our body in between the successive baths in the hot saunas or the steam bath. Cold water strengthens blood vessels and oxygenates the cells. The invigorating bath rejuvenates your skin, improves the texture of it, smoothes it and eliminates cellulite.

Before you take the challenge and plunge into the icy water- you will be surrounded with delicate cool mist and you will feel great during this invigorating bath. We slowly descend the steps and plunge into the water. It favours the right cooling down, which we should always start with the feet and move towards the heart. Remember to dry yourself before the next sauna session.



The sensation shower


This is a unique form of cooling your body. There are three types of programmes. Rain of different intensity and temperature enriched by colour and aroma therapy will give you unique sensations.

  • “ The Arctic breeze ” – at the beginning a delicate mist will sprinkle your body, you will be impressed by blue rays of light, a moment later you will be surprised by the swoosh of the wind and streams of cool, thick rain.
  • “Tropical rain” – exotic sounds, torrential streams of rain will take you to a tropical jungle. After tropical rain there comes a time for delicate mist smelling of fruit in the colours of the rainbow.
  • ‘Spring storm” – alternating warm and cold drops of energizing rain. Quiet music, changing colours of the water will make you feel the spring invigoration.


Steam bath - temp. 43 - 470°C / humidity 100%

Aromatic, thick steam and atmospheric light of starry sky will introduce you to the climate of a steam bath that will lower the muscle tension, penetrates the skin and cleanses, regenerates and moisturizes it. It also supports the process of slimming down. The bath builds up resistance to infections, relaxes muscles and helps to relieve stress. The conditions in the bath make it possible to spend quite a long time there – even several dozen minutes.
You should leave towels outside and rinse the seats before the bath.




The sensation shower


The time has come for another dose of weather impressions connected with colours and aromas.

  • “Power shower” is alternate warm and cold rain with thick and small drops of rain whose sensation is enhanced by cold mist and changing lights.
  • “Water variations” accompanied with music variations connected with invigorating and warming up drizzle will give your skin unforgettable sensations.
  • “Ocean rage” – the earlier change of the weather are a forecast of storm. The light in the colour of dark deep blue. Cold mist changing into thick torrential rain, colder and colder and more and more intensive. But after each storm there comes peace and quiet, so the rain is getting thinner, more delicate, the drops are getting smaller and warmer, almost hot.


Jacuzzi in a stone cave – water temp. approx. 37°C


A bath in a romantic cave lighted by a glitter of candles can be a wonderful relax at the end of the stay in the sauna zone, or a comfortable break before another warming up session.
The warm water stimulates blood circulation and secreting of endorphins, it relieves muscles and joints tension, and improves the blood flow of the skin. One should take a shower before a bath in the Jacuzzi. Hot water can burden the circulation system and negatively influence the skin, so you shouldn’t stay there longer than 10min.



Large bowls for feet bath

This is a great relaxation for feet, which is an inseparable element of proper sauning. Sit on a comfortable, heated seat and enrich your sauna world adventure with a new sensation. The alternate cold and warm feet bath improves blood circulation and is a great relaxation for the whole organism.


In the sauna zone there are also: a changing room and two showers.



After baths in the baths and sauna world- take a rest on comfortable coaches in the rest zone, which is next to the saunas.




Regulations on using baths and saunas:


  • Set aside the right amount of time (3h maximum)
  • Don’t take lavish meals, don’t drink alcohol
  • Leave jewellery , watch and mobile in the locker
  • Don’t use sauna after strenuous physical effort
  • Remember to wash your body and dry it with a towel
  • It is recommended to use the bio and dry sauna naked /with no bathing suit/, covering the private parts of your body with a cotton sheet or towel
  • We take two dry towels; we will sit on one and use the other to dry our body after the bath
  • The saunas are a place of relaxation and meditation, so we keep silent
  • Remember that sauna is a kind of ritual, so leave it in the same condition you found it
  • If you feel not well, leave immediately and inform some staff member, or press the red alarm button at the exit
  • At the end we recommend relaxation in the rest zone – on heated coaches, summer terraces or the whole season outdoor Jacuzzi
  • While resting you should supplement the liquid level; preferably with water, juice or aromatic tea from the bar




Sauna is not for everyone! The most important contraindications:


  • Circulation, heart failure and coronary disease
  • Severe rheumatic condition
  • Acute, chronic condition of upper airways
  • Infectious diseases, acute asthma
  • Heart diseases and high blood pressure
  • Inflammatory state, skin diseases, unhealed wounds, epilepsy, glaucoma
  • Cancerous diseases, menstruation, pregnancy
  • Ill persons with unstable condition should use sauna really cautiously and best with doctor’s consultation



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