The brine pool

A pool with salt from the Dead Sea


This is the most precious gem of our complex. The salinity, up to 15%, makes you float on the surface of the pool, listen to relaxing music, surrounded by a range of colourful lights. The hot water shrouding your body calms you down and aids you to relaxation almost like the condition of weightlessness. Your skin by absorbing the minerals will cleanse of all toxins and become smooth and well-toned. The blissful relaxation is also a form of slimming down. Even after the first bath you will notice that cellulite is decreasing.

Magnesium and potassium contained in the water are naturally absorbed by our skin and only up to the optimal level for our organism. There is no danger of side effects of the minerals overdose. These are not the only advantages of the exceptional bath; not only does it reduce swelling but it improves blood circulation, helps people with motor organs and eases rheumatic, muscle pains and neuralgia. It is also the ideal form of relaxation after a hard day. It builds up the body’s resistance to infection, calms down and eases tension.


Contraindications to bathing in the brine pool:
Salt intolerance, fever, skin infections, open wounds, respiratory and circulatory failure, high blood pressure, cancer, pregnancy( up to the end of the 1st trimester), epilepsy, unsettled thyroid trouble.


Before taking a bath in the brine pool you have to wash yourself with warm water and soap. During the bath, which shouldn’t last longer than 30min you shouldn’t let water get into your eyes. After the bath you should rinse your body of the brine in the shower near the pool.


Next to the pool there is a solar glade. That’s the pleasure of taking a sun bath regardless of the weather. Relaxing on a heated coach surrounded by greenery makes you feel the atmosphere of holidays. The skin gets delicate, natural suntan and our body if filled with endorphins- happiness hormones.