We employ professional passionate staff – during summer and winter holidays- to take a good care of the children organising their free time in an attractive and interesting way while the parents are resting. We offer a wide range of extra activities:

Outdoor games- “hare and hounds”

Water ball tournaments

Table tennis tournaments

Family games in Petanque

Arts contest supervised by a painter- developing artistic skills

Every Thursday – a ball for children opened with awarding kids with diplomas and prizes

Once a week- instruction how to use dry sauna, steam bath and how to give first aid

Once a week-physiotherapy exercises


For our youngest guests we prepared a special playroom with a ball pool, toys, building blocks, ladders, rockers, board games and a screen to show fairy tales. Not only will each child find something interesting to play with, but they will be able to meet other little guests from our Hotel. In summer and winter from 10:00 to 13:00 we employ professional staff that will assist the kids in the playroom organizing the time, so there is something interesting to do for everybody.

Facilities and attractions for children:

  • high chairs
  • playroom with ladders, rockers and swings
  • the paddling pool with the mushroom for the youngest
  • different board games to borrow from the Reception
  • water-proof diapers available at the Hotel shop
  • wide promenade along the beach with pushchair access
  • if you wish our chef can prepare a special diet for the youngest guests.

If you are coming with a baby, please mention it while making a reservation- a cot and a baby bath will be put in your room.


  1. The playroom in the Unitral Hotel is open every day from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00
  2. The playroom is for the children aged from 1 to 11
  3. Parents and minders are responsible for the children safety
  4. You can leave a child over 5 alone on your own responsibility. Children under 4 only with parents/minders supervision.
  5. Admission to the playroom is free
  6. You cannot play in the playroom barefooted
  7. Children should wear comfortable, loose clothes
  8. Before entering the playroom both children and parents/minders should take off all jewellery (chains, earrings, brooches, etc.)
  9. One can only use the playroom for what it is intended. The person running the playroom does not bear responsibility for any injuries sustained by the improper use of the premises.
  10. If anyone suffers an injury while using the playroom, they must notify the person in charge immediately, otherwise it will be understood that the injury occurred outside the playroom.
  11. The Unitral Hotel and the playroom personnel do not bear responsibility for the security of those who break the regulations.
  12. Parents and minders are financially responsible for any damage caused by children under their care.
  13. The staff is not responsible for any belongings left on the premises.
  14. For epidemiological reasons the playroom personnel reserves right not to let in visibly ill children.
  15. The person running the playroom reserves right to change the offer and the opening hours. The latter doesn’t change the Regulations and there is no need to add an appendix.
  16. It is forbidden to:
  • To climb the game construction or the safety net
  • Going down the slide head down
  • Climb the slide the wrong way
  • Push other children
  • Take anything out
  • Jump to the ball pool
  • Bring in any food or drink, because eating or drinking may cause choking
  • Drink alcohol or intoxicating substances.