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Brine pool

It relaxes and cleanses your body

It is the most precious part of the complex. The salinity of even 15% allows to float on the surface to the accompaniment of relaxing music and colorful lights. Warm water rests the body and leads to the state of deep relax which feels like weightlessness. Your skin absorbs the minerals from water, detoxicates and becomes silk smooth. This pleasant relaxation is also a form of loosing weight. one bath is enough to see the cellulite is visibly smaller.

Healing properties

Magnesium and potassiumin the saline are absorbed by skin in a natural way and only until the body reaches the optimal concentration of those elements. There is no risk of health trouble connected with the excess of those minerals. There are not all of the good sides of this kind of bath. It removes swelling,improves circulation, helps people with muscoskeletal problems, soothes rheumatic and muscular pain and neuralgia. It`s also a perfect relax after intensive exercises. It improves the immunity to infections, soothes and reduces mental stress.

Brine pool - for whom?

Contraindications to using a bath in a saline pool are: salt intolerance, fever, inflammation of the skin, open wounds, circulatory and respiratory failure, high blood pressure, tumors, pregnancy until the end of the third trimester, epilepsy, unregulated thyroid problems. Before bathing in a brine pool, thoroughly wash with warm water and soap. During bathing, which should not last longer than 30 minutes, be careful not to get water into the eyes. After leaving the pool, thoroughly rinse the brine from the body in the shower next to the outlet There is a sunny clearing right by the pool. It is a pleasure to sunbathe regardless of the weather. Relaxing on a heated couch surrounded by greenery promotes a truly holiday atmosphere. The skin gains a delicate and natural tan, and endorphins - happiness hormones - are released in our body. from ywczo-regenerating bath will be nourishing spa treatments and wellness treatments, from which guests can take advantage of our hotel. Pool status message: Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of Health of November 9, 2015, pool water meets all the requirements set out in the ordinance. The water is safe for bathing.
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